The Bible Answer

The Bible Answer

Religion should not be like buying socks. In buying socks you choose the things that you desire. You can choose ones that come up to your ankles, ones that come up onto your calf, or ones that go all the way up to your knee. You can pick the color you want, you can pick the material–wool, cotton, nylon, etc. And there is nothing wrong with picking the kind of socks that suit you the best. But when this attitude creeps over into religion there is a problem.

Some select a church to attend because they like the music. Others because they like the minister, or the order of services. Some select a church that makes them feel good by not preaching about sin and hell. Many parents choose a church based on the programs they have for young people. Sometimes people choose a church that does not expect much of them in the way of giving, regular attendance, etc. Still others pick and choose which doctrines or teachings they like best and attend a church which preaches what they like to hear. Whatever happened to what God wants? Does anyone choose a church anymore simply because it practices what the Bible teaches? In Matthew 15:9 Jesus says that our worship is vain or useless if we are following the doctrines of men.

Religion should not be about what suits us the best, like picking socks. It should be about bowing before the will and the desires of almighty God. Religion is not about freedom to choose; it is about obedience. Hebrews 5:9 says that Jesus gives salvation to those that obey him. “Attend the church of your choice” is terrible advice because it endangers the souls of men. We should seek the church that Jesus built.

Of course, in all religious matters, it doesn’t matter what I say. It doesn’t matter what you say. It doesn’t matter what your mother or father or your sister or brother says. It doesn’t matter what your minister, priest, or rabbi, says. The only thing that matters is what God says. That is why we call this page The Bible Answer. We urge people to rethink, to study, to refuse to follow the doctrines of men. We urge you to seek and obey the Bible answer.

If you have questions, concerns or even disagreements we invite you to contact us at The Bible Answer and come study with us at the Benton Harbor church of Christ.


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